24 Hours of Country Employment

We Are Creating An Experience!

It's All About The Attendee's Experience

24 Hours of Country Music Festivals was a vision 2 years ago, That vision was put on hold on 1 Oct! in respect of the Las Vegas and Country community.

Now also out of respect for Las Vegas and the Country Community it's time to bring Country Music Festivals back to Las Vegas and "Take Back Our Night" and the vision has only grown bigger and better. We are creating an experience for our attendee's. With this being said we are only looking for personnel with great "Attitudes" that will go that one, two, three steps out of their way to take care of our attendee's. You must also be able to think out of the box as this is not going to be the everyday country music festival. So if you have an idea we want to hear it! This is a team effort and if you cannot perform as part of a team then please do not apply for a position.

You will see positions listed below, some are Festival Week Only Positions and some are Festival Season Long Positions (May through November) and then there will be a few that are Year Round! All positions are Independent Contractor Positions for which you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year.

We look forward to receiving your resumes and hopefully meeting you in an interview/audition!

Management Positions

Festival Director

The Festival Director is responsible for the other 5 positions listed here in Management Positions and assuring all goals and attendee experience levels are being achieved. This is a Year Round position that requires travel and long hours during Festival Weeks!

Vendor/BOH Director (Position Filled)

POSITION FILLED - The Vendor/Back of House Director is responsible for the overall operations of the festival food and merchant areas including the back of house staff that keeps all vendors supplied with items they need from cold and dry storage. This is a Festival Season position that requires travel and long hours during festival weeks.

Grounds MGR (Position Filled)

POSITION FILLED - The Festival Grounds Director is responsible for all grounds staff including cleaning crews, Parking Lot Attendants, Restroom Facilities and auxillary lighting units. This is a Festival Season position that requires travel and long hours during festival weeks.

Bar & Beverage Director (Position Filled)

The Beverage Director is responsible for all bar operations including bartenders, barbacks and beverage back of house staff. The Director assures all bars are continually stocked and clean and that the bar staff is providing the ultimate  attendee experience.

A & A Relations Director

A & A (Attendee & Artist) Relations Director oversee's the frontline staff that will be dealing with attendee's and artist performing at the festival from assuring all attendee relations staff are providing quick and efficient attention to attendee's including the Survivor Rejuvination Area. In addition oversee's the artist relations staff assuring all artist riders are being fullfilled. This is a Festival Season Position that requires travel and long hours during festival weeks.

Assistant Entertainment Director

The Assistant Entertainment Director is responsible for all operations of the Open Air Dance Floor, Lawn Games Area, Special Games and GiveAways on Stages and is responsible for all roving entertainers throughout the festival grounds assuring a great attendee experience is provided. This is a Festival Season Position that requires travel and long hours during festival weeks.

Festival Staff Positions - Festival Only Positions


We are looking for experienced bartenders that have style, class and great attitudes. Flair Bartenders a Plus! You must have all certifications. And most importantly you must be able to recognize when an attendee has reached their limit.


We are looking for barbacks that can husltle the things the bartenders need to make the attendee's happy. You will be required to work long hours on your feet and do it with a smile!

Attendee Service Attendants

Atendee service attendants are placed throughout the festival grounds in many different positions, Attendee Services Tent, Survivor Rejuvenation Tent, Little Wranglers Program, Artist relations and roving hospitality attendants. Looking for great attitudes!

Vendor BOH Staff

Vendor Back of House Staff are responsible for taking care of vendors needs from issues with their space to bringing cold and dry storage to vendors as ordered. Although this is a back of house position a great attitude is needed as you will be in front of attendee's and our vendors. They are to receive a great experience from all staff members.

Roving Entertainers

Are you an entertainer that can move through the grounds and entertain our attendee's in different non performance areas of the festival grounds then we would love to hear from you! Ballon Artist, One Man bands, Magicians, small non electrical instrument groups and the list goes on! We will require an audition video for these positions prior to interview so please send them on Video - DVD - USB or a link specified in your resume to see an audition or prior performance video.

DJ's & Bands

Were looking for talented and yes even some wild and crazy DJ's and bands to perform on our Rockabilly Dance Floor Stage. Who knows if you blow us away with your audition tape which we do require you might be invited to perform on one of the two main stages. As said above please submit a video - DVD - USB or link to an audition video or prior performance for us to view.

"ALL" Resumes Must Be Complete and Include a Picture!

Interviews will not be given to resumes that do not include all the information need for us to consider an in person interview. Your resume must contain everything pertinent to the position your applying for, must include a picture of yourself, an email address if you have one and if listed in the position description an audition video!

If you are applying for an individual festival position please notate the particular festival location your applying for in your resume!

Mail Resumes to:

24 Hours of Country

P.O. Box 336662

North Las Vegas, NV 89033

No Phone calls will be accepted in regards to positions!